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IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL TENDERERS: MAINTAINING CONTACT INFORMATION Lancashire County Council is not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete contact information input into the e-tendering website by a tenderer. It is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that the contact information they have entered for their organisation on the e-tendering website is accurate and kept up to date. Important notification messages relevant to this or other procurements may not be received by a tenderer should the contact information be inaccurate. If at any stage a tenderer needs to change the contact information held for their organisation this can be updated under section EO administration, within the EO management tab of the website once logged in. Further to this, it is strongly recommended that a tenderer registers more than one individual against their organisation to ensure cover for any period where one registered individual is unavailable. Lancashire County Council is under no obligation to respond/follow up on 'out of the office' responses received from a tenderer. For guidance on this matter please contact the eProcurement Team on 01772 530883 or 01772 530407. Thank you. 26/01/2011