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Title Description Date Uploaded Attachment
Registering as an Economic Operator (EO) instructions These instructions will help you register your organisation on Lancashire County Councils e-tendering system 18/08/2010 Registering as an Economic Operator Instructions.pdf
Updating your Java Please follow these instructions if you are experiencing problems with accessing the online tender questions. 23/08/2010 Updating your Java.pdf
Updating your EOs CPV codes These instructions will help clarify the importance of having CPV codes associated to your organisation within the e-tendering system 18/08/2010 Updating CPV codes.pdf
Expressions of Interest (EoI) instructions How to express your organisations interest with a call for tender (Cft) 18/08/2010 Expressing an Interest in a Cft.pdf
Downloading Cft documents How to download contract documents 18/08/2010 Downloading Cft documents.pdf
Making a clarification How to raise a clarification request (ask a question, raise an issue or request further information) within a live call for tender (Cft) 18/08/2010 Creating a Clarification Request.pdf
Answering tender questions offline These instructions will walk you through downloading the tender preparation tool and tender structure so that you can answer the tender questions offline (outside of the system) 18/08/2010 Answering tenders offline.pdf
How to update your organisations details Instructions on how to edit your organisations details within the e-tendering system 18/08/2010 Editing your economic operator (EO) details.pdf
How to add or edit user details Instructions on how to add a new user to your organisation account and how to edit current user details 18/08/2010 Adding or editing a users details.pdf
Zipping mulitple files together Instructions on how to zip multiple files together outside of the e-tendering system so that you can attach a single file as part of your tender return 18/08/2010 Zipping Multiple Files Together to Upload as a Single File.pdf