Welcome to e-Tendering

Welcome to the e-Tendering platform e-PPS e-Tendering is a secure and interoperable web-based application which constitutes a total solution for the implementation of electronic procedures in conducting public procurement competitions. The system is compliant with the provisions of the European Law of public procurement. Amongst its provisions, it supports the procurement of contracts through one-off and repetitive procedures. The system is managed by European Dynamics SA

Contracting Authority Services
Contracting Authority services provide a collaborative e-Tendering environment for organising Call for Tender-related activities. These services provide the tools for supporting the management of electronic competitions, providing amongst others the means for the electronic preparation and transmission of procurement notices to the Official Journal of the European Union. Advanced services include the electronic and automated evaluation of tenders, the automated notification of EOs when addenda/corrigenda for competitions are published and the support for electronic auctions.
Economic Operator Services
Economic Operator Services provide the tools for carrying out automated, transparent and secure preparation and electronic submissions of requests for participation and tenders to public procurement competitions. It provides a non-discriminatory solution on fundamental procurement aspects, allowing economic operators to carry out efficiently their procurement activities.
Important - Please Note; Supplier's do not need to 'express an interest' in order to view documents relating to Open Tenders, however, please be aware that in order to receive communication in relation to open procurements the Supplier MUST express an interest in order to be included on the distribution list. Should the Supplier fail to express an interest in the tender Lancashire County Council accepts no responsibility for the Supplier being excluded from the distribution of tender communications.